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Get a quote on the move.

Sinbad gives you a quote in 3 simple steps; describe the source of the goods, the type of the goods, the Cost and Freight, and there you go! Sinbad gives you a quote from the foreign Port to your inland destination, as opposed to foreign Marine Cargo Insurance which covers Port-to-Port.

Realtime Data analytics and feedback

The platform drills down to granular detail on a fully parameterised platform.

  • Gives you insights and data on who is importing what and when.
  • Gives you trends; invaluable for future business strategy.
  • Provides data on various Tax divisions by amount and time.

Open Cover

Sinbad adapts to your business needs and requirements, serving both Cash-and-Carry clients as well as On-Account clients who enjoy credit facilities.

Sinbad keeps a running, live, up-to-date tally of Credit limits versus Spend, ensuring that both Underwriter and Clients are protected at all times.

Claims Submission Portal

Sinbad offers efficient lodging a claim becomes easy, simple and painless. No more problems looking for lost documents, no more time-lag, no more telephone calls and endless back-and-forth miscommunications.

You submit a claim, provide details of the incident, and your Insurer has access to all import documentation pertaining to the claim. This makes Claim-settlement within 30 days an achievable target.

Claims Submission