Our On-boarding Process

  1. Onboarding data specific to you as an underwriter:
    We load your company insurance cover rates onto our platform
  2. Client/User Interface Development:
    We customize your portal with your company's branding
  3. Launch and Testing:
    We deploy the platform and conduct user tests to ensure full functionality
  4. Issue Identification, Reporting and Resolution:
    We work with you to provide support for any enquiries

Requirements for Underwriters

Below you will find a list of the information and deliverables required for initial setup:

  1. Logo in High- Resolution for development of Marine Cargo Insurance portal landing page.
  2. A sample of your insurance company's Marine Cargo Insurance certificate
  3. The complete MCI Policy Document itself in high-resolution soft copy.
  4. A summary of what your company's MCI product covers.
  5. Your MCI premium pricing structure/Rating.
  6. List of designated users/Administrators
  7. An image of your official signatures for MCI Certificate
  8. Website URL to house the MCI Portal e.g. marine.insurancecompany.com
  9. Reporting Requirements